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AC-1386D replaces ACN-R1-1087 as most up to date inverter for GE Dash systems

July 17, 2012

The ACN-R1-1087 is the original COTS inverter used by GE for their DASH systems (4000 and 5000).

Now, for GE Dash inverter replacements the AC-1386D is recommended.  It is also recommended for any medical monitoring application. The ACN-R1-1087 will void the warranty on GE Dash monitors, and there is a big quality difference.

AC-1386D - replacement Inverter for GE Dash

If you are thinking of using this inverter for an industrial or other non-medical application for the 10.4" NEC, then the the ACN-R1-1087 is OK.

AC-1386D Data Sheet

As an Applied Concepts, Inc (ACI) distributor, Edge stocks the AC-1386D.

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