Fingerprint Cards (FPC)

As a Fingerprint Cards (FPC) distributor, we supply FPC's full range of biometric products, including fingerprint sensors, biometric processesors (with included specialized algorithm) fingerprint sensor modules (the sensor integrated with the processor) and development kits.

About Fingerprint Cards:

Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprint Cards) develops, produces and markets biometric technology, which, through analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint, verifies the person’s identity. The technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules that can be used separately or combined. The competitive advantages offered by Fingerprint Cards’ technology include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and the ability to achieve extremely low manufacturing costs, the technology can be implemented in volume products, such as smart cards and mobile telephones, which impose extremely rigorous demands on these characteristics. Fingerprint Cards’ technology ( can also be used in such areas as IT, Internet security and access control. Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprint Cards) is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm (FING B) and has its head office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Fingerprint Sensors

Swipe Fingerprint Sensor Development Kits

Resources: FPC-SSD DevKit Details


FPC-SSD Fingerprint Swipe Sensor Development Kit

FPC-SSD is used for evaluation and development of designs based on fingerprint swipe sensor FPC1080A. It includes all of the hardware and software needed to get started.


Area Fingerprint Sensors

Resources: FPC1011F3 Product Sheet

FPC1011F3 - Fingerprint Sensor

Swipe Fingerprint Sensors

Resources: FPC1080A Swipe Sensor Product Sheet


FPC1080A Fingerprint Swipe SensorAll new fingerprint swipe sensor FPC1080A, providing high image quality in a robust and compact package. Ideal for integrating into portable devices.

Fingerprint Sensor Processors

Resources: FPC2020 - Product Sheet

FPC2020 - Biometric Processor

Powerful Biometric Processor ASIC that performs enrol, verification and identification. FPC2020 is an extremely small, fast and power efficient processor ASIC that acts as a biometric sub-system with a direct interface to FPC1011F fingerprint sensor as well as to an external flash memory for storing templates.

Biometric Modules

Resources: FPC-AM3 - Product Sheet

FPC-AM3 - Fingerprint Sensor Biometric Module

FPC-AM3 module is equipped with the robust fingerprint sensor FPC1011F. The module acts as a biometric sub-system with onboard template storage. Integrating the FPC-AM3 module into a product drastically reduces time-to-market with its easy-to-integrate serial command interface and proven robust fingerprint sensor solution

Area Fingerprint Sensor Development Kits

Resources: FPC-AMD3 Development Kit

FPC-AMD3 - Devkit

The fingerprint development kit FPC-AMD3 is used for development and evaluation of designs based on the components FPC1011F, FPC2020 and the module FPC-AM3. It includes all the hardware and software needed to get started.

FPC-AMP3 - Pilot Kit

Pilot Kit consistes of 5 FPC-AM3 modules (Sensors integrated with processor)

FPC-ASK - Sensor Kit

The FPC-ASK is a kit consisting of 5 FPC1011F sensors. Flex cables are included for easy prototyping.

FPC-ACK - Component Kit

FPC-ACK includes 5 pcs of the new robust fingerprint sensor FPC1011F and 5 pcs of the biometric processor ASIC FPC2020. Flex cables are also included for easy prototyping.

FPC-ACK is available in 2 versions with the difference being the choice of FPC2020 package version, either QFN (called FPC2020Q1) or TQFP (called FPC2020Q2).

FPC-BUND - Bundle

FPC-AMD3 Development kit plus 5 additional modules FPC-AM3 (1 FPC-AMP3), a bundle that includes all necessary components for developing and prototyping a new fingerprint product.

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