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Edge Electronics, Inc., based in Bohemia, NY, is a leading franchised distributor of electronic components (Active, Passive, and Interconnect) and display solutions (LCDs and related products). We are a value-added reseller (VAR) or as we like to call it “Solution Provider”.  We don't exactly manufacture any products, but we do a lot more than just resell.  Please read below to get a better idea of how Edge can help.

Engineering Support

Engineering support is one of our fundamental services. Our technically trained sales and FAE staff will make sure the design process is easy.  Some of the things they do: help determine part numbers based on requirements, provide all the technical information including data sheets and drawings, suggest manufacturer specific design tools (software, testing services, etc.) , co-ordinate meetings with appropriate factory personnel, recommend additional products that are a good fit for the design, and pass on news of relevant new technologies

 Edge also encourages the use of NapkinLinks.com, a site we sponsor with the hopes of bringing engineers together in a community where they can share ideas, and learn from each other.

Enhancements and Custom Products

Sometimes there is no standard part that fits the design. In those cases we do enhancements. Perhaps an LCD is perfect for a customer’s design except it needs to be brighter.  We make it happen.  Maybe a DRAM doesn't come standard in industrial temp, well we get it tested to meet the requirements.  Need a complicated cable assembly that links two products with uncommon connectors? How about a custom industrial grade memory module for an extensive application? We have suppliers that specialize in both of these. Programming, tape-and-reeling, marking, and lead forming all fall into this category

Edge’s flexibility and attentiveness make enhancements a true specialty of ours. We embrace the power of enhancement and customization and so do our customers.

Custom Integrations and Kits

Many of the parts we sell work well together. For instance a customer may be looking for an LED backlit 7" LCD with a touch screen, led driver, controller board, and cables. We can suggest parts that fit together and then either provide them separately, or make it easier and provide them as one part number.

Often times a customer will want the parts pre-assembled, (this is very common with LCDs and touch screens, but can also apply to many other products) so we can provide an integrated product.  By having Edge do the integration, the customer has one less step to concern themselves with.

Free Samples

In many cases we can provide free samples in a very short turnaround period. In some instances where free samples are not available (ie. an LCD) we can often supply a small quantity of paid samples or arrange a demo.   

Inventory Solutions

We have many tried and true solutions to keep our customers’ inventory low. Please discuss your overall needs with us and we will come up with the best program to fit your business model.

Shipping and Logistics

Our headquarters in NY currently serves as the shipping hub for all of our products. For customers that have multiple locations, or CMs, this comes in pretty handy, as we can keep the inventory in one place, and change the ship to address or method at the drop of a hat. We can ship any method, and either ship on our customer’s account, multiple accounts for different methods, or add freight to the invoice. Just let us know what works best.

Convenient Online Tools

Through our online system our customers will be able to enter and manage quotes, place orders, and track those orders. Please speak with customer service if you have any questions.

Sourcing for Hard to Find Parts

As a benefit to our existing customers, we provide sourcing for hard to find parts whether they are EOL or long lead time. We hope our customers don’t make this a habit, as a good pipeline through a franchised distributor is your best bet, but things like upsides happen. When they do, our customers know they can trust us to be completely honest as to the origin of the parts, and to put them through strict inspection in our ISO9001:2000 certified facility.

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