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If you can not find the particular electronic component product you are looking for, please contact us.

Edge Electronics can supply a wide variety of electrical component products

Edge Electronics is a leading authorized distributor of electronic components. We deal directly with the factories that build components and work with our customers to supply the components in a way that fits their business model.

As an authorized distributor, Edge offers electronics component engineering support along the lines of supplying spec/data sheets, supplying samples, cross referencing, and providing engineering consultation.

We can also help to supply you with design tools, or put you in direct contact with appropriate factory personnel. Our goal is to help you determine the correct part for your design, and to get it working inside your product.

Our Supply Meets Your Demand

Once you have decided on the product you are going to use, Edge Electronics can supply it for the right price at the right time. Since we are a small business, we’re able to be fast and flexible with our supply chain solutions.

Our big-business capabilities come from years of experience, and partnerships with world class electronics component manufacturers.

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